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Smart Asset Management™ system

Testconsult provides integrated solutions that incorporate our wealth of experience with the latest technologies to provide world class systems for the monitoring of high value, safety critical assets.

Working in partnership with sister company Strainstall, our Smart Asset Management (SAM)™ system brings together the appropriate toolbox of sensors and data acquisition equipment to provide the ultimate solution to your structural health monitoring needs.

SAM™ allows you to acquire, analyse and act on intelligence quickly and with confidence, ensuring a targeted approach to your asset maintenance.

The main displays are exclusively configured on a project by project basis to meet each assets unique requirements. The interface is completely flexible enabling data to be viewed in a variety of formats including moving graphics, 3D models, integrated maps, graphs, reports and alerts.

SAM™ is completely adaptable to your structural monitoring needs, providing real-time remote monitoring for:

  • Bridges - BridgeWatch®
  • Buildings - BuildingWatch™
  • Tunnels - TunnelWatch™
  • Wind turbines - TurbineWatch™ 

Download our bridge monitoring brochure (359KB) for more information on BridgeWatch™.