We have engaged Testconsult Ireland on behalf of our clients to monitor and study the behaviour of several buildings in recent years. We have been very satisfied with the exceptional co-operation, professionalism and expertise which the management and staff of Testconsult have shown in collecting and independently reporting the facts of each project. John O’Donovan, N.J. O’Gorman & Associates, Dublin
cyclic load test - network rail cyclic load test - network rail cyclic load test - network rail

Cyclic Pile Load Testing on Railway - June 2012

The railway station at Great Central in Loughborough has seen many interesting events in it’s past, perhaps one of the more most interesting recently includes the BBC Top Gear Episode “Car Trains”, this month the railway saw perhaps a more unusual sight upon its picturesque landscape.  

Although the test was somewhat ambitious but not entirely stupid, Testconsult were given the challenge of testing various piles under various load cycles to see how these would react under these various conditions, Loughborough’s ground provided the test with accurate ground conditions that would occur in the real world. 
A system was commissioned by Testconsult which dynamically increases the pressure on the pile to a given load then releases once a target threshold had been met; this cycle (averaging 25 seconds) was then repeated thousands of times per pile, during the various load tests Displacement and Load was measured throughout. The Load test data would then be uploaded to our live data logging service, Testresult. 
The data from these piles would be used in the Network Rail “Northern Electrification” project to support the overhead power cables and their accompanying structure, the project has been undertaken to give information as to which pile performs better under stress, if smaller piles can be used, this represents huge cost savings.  

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