Pile Integrity Testing using the TDR2, Pile testing UK Defect analysis using TDR2 simulation software Pile defect detected by Integrity Testing

Pile Integrity Testing

Pile testing, UK and Ireland services include rapid and economical non-destructive testing of piled foundations throughout UK & Ireland.
Specification Data Sheets

The Testconsult foundation testing department is able to offer a complete range of pile testing UK solutions, to suit the information required by our client. We operate mainly in the UK but also overseas to provide testing services direct to the client or in support of our agents. We are able to provide technical proposals for all size of project and offer a rapid and impartial service to our clients worldwide.

TDR Method

Pile integrity testing using low strain tests such as the TDR (Transient Dynamic Response) method, is a rapid way of assessing the continuity and integrity of concrete piled foundations. It has been used in the UK since the early 1970’s, and Testconsult was the first company in the UK to obtain UKAS accreditation for this test. We use the latest portable PIT system, the TDR2, which operates in the time and frequency domain and is able to carry out advanced interpretation of data. The test measures:

  • Pile length, or depth to anomalies
  • Pile head stiffness
  • Pile shaft mobility – which is dependant on pile section and concrete properties

The software also produces computer simulations and impedance profiles of the test result, to analyse in detail any intermediate pile shaft responses.

The TDR test requires minimal of preparation and is able to find defects corresponding to cracks, reductions in section and zones of poor quality concrete