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Testconsult is a market leading company providing structural materials testing, structural investigation, foundation testing and instrumentation and monitoring services. Operating in the United Kingdom and Ireland, we provide a comprehensive service to the construction and maintenance sectors. Testconsult is also a market leading designer and manufacturer of specialist testing equipment, now operating in over 70 countries worldwide.

With laboratories at Warrington in North West England, Harlow in South East England and in Portlaoise in the Republic of Ireland we meet small and large contractors needs across the whole of the UK and Ireland in addition to operating satellite site laboratories worldwide.

Testconsult provides a full range of NDT and inspection techniques to assess the condition of concrete and masonry structures and bridges, considering all structural materials. Testing includes chemical testing to check for contaminants both in soils and in concrete. Common tests on concrete include chloride ion, sulphate and cement content analysis.

Projects frequently carried out include post-tensioned bridge inspections – to check the condition of tendons, BA 35/90 bridge inspections, car park assessments and culvert surveys.

Testconsult has over 20 years’ experience in structural materials testing and with the knowledge base we have regarding this field of work, can give contractors, civil, structural and consulting engineers relevant advice and cost effective solutions. Our structural investigation section can carry out appropriate surveying, sampling and testing to identify the causes of premature degradation and advise on the most appropriate remedial action required.

Testconsult also has specialised teams offering environmental testing services to help accurately monitor and measure the impact your construction project has on the surrounding environment. This may involve hiring equipment for a short term project or installing sophisticated monitoring systems such as our Octopus instrumentation system for a long term monitoring system for noise and or vibration.

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